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Horse racing tipsters are getting predictable. 

Favourite picking ‘experts’, empty promises of infinite riches and origin stories pulled from a hat like a white rabbit, we have seen it all.

We are tired of it, and you should be too.
That's why we think that race betting needs a revival, a revolution.

In the past years we have seen the true bookie beaters replaced by the champion of the high strike rate, who conveniently forgets to mention the average odds of 1/1 or the longshot legend who’s one winner makes the 18 losers go away!

You shouldn't have to settle for mediocre, you need a Tipster/system that works, a method that can be the best of both worlds and relight that fire in race betting!

Welcome to POWERBets.
Welcome to a tipping service that will flip your daily punting on its head and take your profits to unimaginable heights.

Welcome to a strike rate of 36% and a return on Investment of over 70%

Welcome to selective betting, no bombardment here! Just 3 selections intelligently picked and sent to win. Each day you will receive two single bets which will combine to create the third, a double - the key to skyrocketing your profits week in, week out.

We refer to this as our POWER bet – A Win double that when it comes in and it will regularly, will see your profits soar over time

This is a tipster service that finds winners and WILL ensure your investment is dwarfed no matter its size. No ifs. No buts. No maybes!



We have been officially proofing The Power Bet service since February, in this short time we have seen absolutely staggering results that have backed up everything we claimed when we approached WAP Bets and laid out his plan for a partnership with them.

Unlike many services our information sources are Global and after originally proofing UK Bets to WAP we were happy to switch our direction Stateside to the USA when lockdown arrived and sure enough the profits continued to mount up as we had promised.

We are currently still betting on the USA Racing but with UK Racing due to return in the next month, all likelihood is that POWERBets will be focusing back on the UK Market very soon. But our key is finding Value Win bets from wherever that may be that have the POWER to deliver huge profits for our followers.

We told them we would never come out of a month of betting with loses. In the 4 months WAP have seen they have saw some superb profits with one month smashing an incredible 144.28 Points of profit (April).

We have averaged 100 Points profit per month which is a mouthwatering £2,000 each month betting at £20/Point, betting banks boosted by over 100% and incredible combined profits of OVER £8,000 since proofing began.

With results like we have seen so far, POWERBets is set to revolutionise the way you bet, and transform your betting bank.

You can view these and many more HERE 
While you can expect to see services that average monthly profits like POWERBets does so well, sell for prices double or even higher than the price we are offering today, we believe in value, and you wont find better than this!

With a return on investment of over 70%, you can be sure that your profits will dwarf your investment...

We have 3 sign up options up for grabs today, each better value for money than the last. In particular, a six month offer that will cost you less than £5 per week!!
Don't waste a moment more, PowerBets is waiting to revolutionise your race betting!
Ballybreen WON @ 3.00 = +6.00 Points
Glorious Caesar WON @ 4.00 = +9.00 Points
DOUBLE WON = +11.00 Points

Hoyam WON @ 3.00 = +6.00 Points
Daisy Can WON @ 4.50 = +10.50 Points
DOUBLE WON = +12.50 Points

Miltontown WON @ 3.00 = +6.00 Points
Champagnes On Ice WON @ 3.50 = +7.50 Points
DOUBLE WON = +9.50 Points

Honest N Lucky WON @ 3.50 = +7.50 Points
Sugoi WON @ 8.00 = +21.00 Points
DOUBLE WON = +27.00 Points

Strong Side WON @ 3.50 = +7.50 Points
Red Red Wine WON @ 6.50 = +16.50 Points
DOUBLE WON = +21.75 Points

Take a look at some of the winners that have got us this far:
You can view these and many more HERE
The return of UK Racing means there has never been a better time to make POWERBets work for you and super charge your future profits.

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